Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Cooking Post!

There were a couple requests for a food related post, so here you go! I don't get to cook as often as I would like to but we are still getting a few good dishes a week. And even though Cameron is only two, he eats so much, I have to take that into consideration when I am meal planning. 

My favorite cooking magazine this past year has been Fine Cooking. I have yet to make anything bad from an issue. My latest issue had a recipe for chorizo and egg enchiladas with a tomatillo sauce. We had to try it out!

The enchiladas also have red pepper, onion, and potatoes on them. 

The tomatillos, ready for boiling. 

The tomatillo sauce, if only you could smell it! It is tomatillos, garlic, cumin and a little heavy cream. 

My first time cooking with chorizo. 

The veggies, all coming together. 

The enchilada filling: chorizo, eggs, the veggies and a little of the tomatillo sauce. 

Then you roll up the enchiladas, top with the tomatillo sauce and cheese...

Ta da!

Monday, January 27, 2014

A big day!

Today was probably the greatest day in Andrews life so far. He got to have real, finger food at school! Cameron didn't start finger foods until nine months but our pediatrician said that second kids start it earlier because they want what everyone else has. 

For breakfast he had kix and apples and for lunch, pot roast, carrots, and bread. 
An awesome day!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Six months old

It's hard to believe, but Andrew is already six  months old. He has become quite the little butterball. He is working on a few skills, sitting up, eating more big guy food and rolling around. The poor guy wants to crawl so bad, but that's a lot to get moving. Here are a few pics from this past week. 
Getting ready for a bath...his favorite time of the day

Sitting up. Just don't leave him alone :)

More pre bath. Baths are awesome!

Rocking the greaser look after school. His arms look abnormally large here. 

His favorite thing to do is watch his big brother. 

And to have his big brother get him up in the morning. 

Cameron knows everything!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Belated Post : Halloween Season 2013

We took pictures in our costumes the weekend before Halloween, while we were in good moods.  We didn't know what to expect on Halloween.

Carving our pumpkins from Johnson Farms

Cameron really liked the guts this year...

...along with the actual pumpkins.  Yes, he did eat raw pumpkin, more than once.

Cory's favorite picture of the day.  It looks like it should be on the front of a card.

The Halloween parade at school.  He didn't want people putting anything in his bag at first, then he got the hang of it.

Checking out the loot.

Belated Post : Andrew Pics

This poor kid is already living the life of the second child.  He's almost six months old and his baby pics are just getting posted.  But he should be happy he even has pictures of himself :) and a baby book is in progress for him...not too shabby.
Day two in the hospital, avoiding a seriously hot summer day

Meeting his new little brother...Cameron was much more impressed with the drapes that slid on a track

Such a big boy

This lasted for about one minute

Oh hey.

Giving Andrew is hat

Belated Post : Cameron's Second Birthday

Cameron was two this year and we celebrated with an airplane party!  The difference between his first and second birthday party was crazy.  This year we had 4 babies and 4 toddlers, plus all of their awesome parents.  We also had Grandpa and Great Grandma here to celebrate. 

Cory taped out the runway and did an awesome job!

Singing Happy Birthday...He wasn't sure about it at first, but afterwards, we had to light the candle two more times for him to blow it out.

The boys eating cake and ice cream

Andrew and Tanner checking each other out

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sweet potatoes

We have officially ventured into the world of big guy food. So far, Andrew has had bananas and peas. Today we tried sweet potatoes. I think he likes them but overall this eating real food is hard work.